Monday, October 15


Funkrush T-shirts
Sometimes I feel like the internet is like a giant maze, a labyrinth that you have to navigate through to in order to find what you are looking for. But unlike your traditional maze, the internerd can have a million different outcomes, and sometimes you're not even sure what you are looking for. acts like clues to get you through the map, and Google is like a teleporter, but sometimes the results can be unexpected (especially if you're feeling lucky). Sometimes when I'm browsing for new stuff I end up getting nowhere, following link after link to crapsville until i reach a dead end. Alternatively, sometimes I end up finding something truly extraordinary, completely justifying (to me at least) my wasted hours of net travel.

Recently, on one of my geeky adventures, I somehow ended up at Funkrush. This awesome site has an unbelievable range of tshirts from some of the biggest names in contempory illustration (Jon Burgerman, Peskimo, Tado, Olly Moss, Dalek and many more). How I have not come across this outstanding label sooner amazes me, but if you are also unfamiliar with Funkrush click here to warp to their site. Post-haste!


henryv said...

<3 Happy Death Brigade :)

Robot Overlord said...

They are all fantastic, i'd get each one if could afford it. My favorite has to be "Diamond Geezer" though. It has both robots and bling!