Wednesday, November 21

Threadless $10 Holiday Sale!!

Threadless $10 Sale Shirts
Heck yeah! All tees at Threadless are on sale for only $10 - and they're on sale until December 16!

There is a massive amount of new shirts to choose from and - if that's not enough - there are 3 reprints this week including Summer Wind by Joachim Baan - which I once saw poorly ripped off on a shop-a-docket ad for a hair salon...

Buy them for your friends or just buy them for yourself. Go, do it.

Smiley Raw

Smiley Raw t-shirt by AMP Street
AMP Street have released a couple of new shirts. I like this one. A lot.

Tuesday, November 20

Naive New Releases

Into The Woods T-shirt by Naive Clothing
Naive have expanded their already impressive range with the addition of a few new shirts. Perhaps not quite as tight as their unbelievable earlier stuff, these shirts are still well worthy of a mention - especially Into The Woods which is pictured above.

Monday, November 19

Dawn of The Dude

Dawn of The Dude t-shirt by Go Ape
Dawn of The Dude tshirt by Cloxboy available from Go Ape.

If you need to ask, you'll never know.

Well ok, maybe you could just watch the movie...

Saturday, November 17

Gorilla Riot

T-shirts from Gorilla Riot
I'm not sure what a Gorilla Riot would be like, but in my head I imagine an awesome meeting of Gorilla-esque masculine rage and uni-student-esque passion as the enraged beasts protest violently over the destruction of their native habitats whilst harrasing business men, burning shops and tossing over hotdog stalls.

But that's just me...

I've been following the progress of the Gorilla Riot site since they announced their first Beta version on quite some time ago. It's great to see a company who has a put as much time and effort into producing a great site as they have with their tshirt range. Testing and constant refinements means that the finished Gorilla Riot site provides an excellent shopping experience - enabling the salivating tshirt enthusiast to easily navigate between the label's 6 different launch collections. Sure, it's awfully annoying that you have to click on each thumbnail before you can see what colours each shirt comes in (no they don't all come in white!) but the site loads quickly, and getting a bigger look at the tasty illustrations (and models) makes it bearable.

With artwork from the likes of Digital Three, Bagger43, Eyekaps, LambShank (Kyle from D3 and IMario), and Matt Morris (aka Cool Vader), this is one riot that even the most ardent pacifist may want to check out.

Friday, November 16

Monsieur T fall/winter line

Monsieur T fall/winter releases
In case you haven't checked it out already, the fall/winter line from Monsieur T is well worth checking out. As well as a range of tshirts, their are some sweet hoodies to keep you warm. Artists including Andy Rementer, Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Fernando Elvira, Emil Kozak, and the Berkley brothers have contributed their talents.

Saturday, November 10

For The Bloggers

If you're a nerdy blogging type (or even an uber-cool blogging type) you may be interested in this handy little widget I found. BlogRush goes anywhere on your blog and displays links to similar blogs - but the good thing is everytime someone looks at your site, you earn the right to a link on someone elses site. Plus if you refer new users (like I'm obviously trying to do now) you get link credits from their activity too. Basically, you end up with loads of links to your blog all over the place. It's free, so give it a try... if you want.

RE*generation t for youth homelessness

Re*Generation t-shirt by Diego Mosco
Here's a nice tshirt for a great cause. From the press release:

Diego Mosco, a graphic designer who has spent years creating graphics for underground cult label Supreme has created a limited edition t-shirt for the Re*Generation charity art auction to further promote awareness of the homeless youth crisis. The 100% cotton t-shirt is emblazoned with a bold three-color, pop art-inspired print depicting a spark setting off an explosion - illustrating the way in which small acts of giving can set off greater movements of positive change.

There are only 500 of these shirts in existence and a lot of those would have gone at the RE*generation event held in New York City this week - so if you want to get your hands on one and support youth homelessness quickly head over to the RE*generation store.

Wednesday, November 7

Threadless goes specialised

Threadless, the reigning juggernaut of tshirt design competition sites, has just announced that they will now be offering a whole range of specialised printing techniques for wannabe tshirt designers to utilise. Are Threadless feeling the pinch of Design By Humans? Or is this a pre-emptive strike, kind of like McDonalds offering salads for sale before everyone sued them for making them fat? Well, maybe nothing like that at all... But, just like the fast food industry (as it's multitude of puke-inspiring documentaries stands testament to) the online tshirt battle sure is about to get interesting.

Hopefully the new plethora of design possibilities may drag Threadless away from their predictable winning selections as artists explode in a fit of creativity. Only time will tell.