Sunday, July 22


Hairy Hrumpf T-shirt by Adam Cruickshank for 2x4I think you're great t-shirt by Emil Kozak for 2x4Painter Man t-shirt by Noah Butkus for 2x4Never Forget T-shirt by Jeff Canham for 2x4
2x4 is a collection of great tshirts compiled by Damien Aistrope who's known for his involvement with Australian INFront. Oh and the work he's produced for some big names including Monster Children and Mambo. Talented huh? Well now he's gathered a bunch of other creatively gifted people together and asked four artists to create two shirt designs each. Only 200 of each shirt will be printed.

For the first series 2x4 is featuring the work of Adam Cruickshank, Emil Kozak, Noah Butkus and Jeff Canham, which is a pretty damn tidy lineup.

And yes, I'll spare you the lame math puns.