Saturday, July 14

Monster Children

MC T-shirt by Natas Kaupas
Monster Cam Mens T-shirt by Campbell Milligan
MC t-shirt by Andrei Molodkin
Monster Children T-shirt by Evan Hecox
Who'd want to work for a golf magazine? Boring! A mad-keen golfer is the obvious answer right?

If I started a magazine I'd want to write about stuff like skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, hot chicks, cool clothes and sneakers, designer toys, art, photography, music and travel. Unfortunately the clever buggers at Monster Children have already done that, with a good dose of humour and swearing added to the mix. The result is one of the coolest magazines in Australia right now. Oh, they also have a gallery and a shop - from which you can purchase skateboards, tshirts, posters and more - all by leading artists including Natas Kaupas, Campbell Milligan, Andrei Molodkin and one of my all time favourites, Evan Hecox.

Damn over-acheivers.