Wednesday, November 7

Threadless goes specialised

Threadless, the reigning juggernaut of tshirt design competition sites, has just announced that they will now be offering a whole range of specialised printing techniques for wannabe tshirt designers to utilise. Are Threadless feeling the pinch of Design By Humans? Or is this a pre-emptive strike, kind of like McDonalds offering salads for sale before everyone sued them for making them fat? Well, maybe nothing like that at all... But, just like the fast food industry (as it's multitude of puke-inspiring documentaries stands testament to) the online tshirt battle sure is about to get interesting.

Hopefully the new plethora of design possibilities may drag Threadless away from their predictable winning selections as artists explode in a fit of creativity. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Hooray, now there are even MORE ways to print a gun shooting hearts!