Wednesday, September 12


Shity 07
I could spend a few minutes telling you about Shirty - the new not-for-profit one day only t-shirt market that is being held in Sydney this weekend... or, I could spend a few seconds copying and pasting from their highly informative (and very cool) website.

Hmmmm... I'll go with option B

About Shirty
Shirty07 is a new not-for-profit design initiative - a market selling only t-shirts.
It's an event that fuses fashion with art, music with culture; where guests can purchase unique t-shirt designs direct from independent designers, enjoy live music and chill out at the bar with a drink.

Prices are capped at $69 so everything's kept accessible.
SHIRTY will run from midday to midnight the first in an ongoing annual event - a yearly shindig to kickstart the spring.

To create a new platform for up and coming t-shirt designers to reach a mainstream audience. Celebrate the power of the humble tee, believing that while a t-shirt slogan or design may not change the world, it can sow the seed of thought.
p.s. why not.

Where and When
September 15th 2007
Midday - midnight...
Newtown Neighborhood Centre
Town Hall
1 Bedford Street (opposite the train station)
Newtown, NSW

The designers: (In alphabetic order)

2x4tshirts, Bill Chen Meet Tyrone, Bill Ross, dj Jose, emShop, FunkdUP, Imok, Lethal Clothing, Marion Hertford, Nicholas Martin, Nipple Cripple, OKTOKIO, Once smitten twice shy, People Like Us collective, Salad Days, Sweatshop Productions, Thirteen Army, Two salty, Zoe Sadokierski

Alexandra De Bonis, Alyson Pearson, Anna Pigott, Ellen Williams, Glamourpuss, Glen Martin, Mark Iaria, Monique, Natasha Hammond, Pat Grant, Peter Strong, POFO, Stefano Lentini , Sylvan Doyle, Tara Bennett

Sounds Good doesn't it? Visit the Shirty 07 site for more details.


Grmel0dy said...

I'd probably feel like a kid in the candy store!