Tuesday, September 25

Latest Threadless Releases

 La Gran Reunión t-shirt by Matheus Lopes Castro on Threadless
Northern Ice Pilot t-shirt by Ryan Lin on Threadless
Some great new shirts out at Threadless this week. My pick of the bunch would be La Gran Reunión (top) by Matheus Lopes Castro (whose portfolio is spectacular and definitely worth a quick peek), and the mystical Northern Ice Pilot (bottom) by Ryan Lin. Get in quick before they sell out. There are five more new shirts to take a look at, and if you want to get $3 off your order click here and use the coupon code rubberdanpants at checkout. Sweeeet.


matheus lopes said...

wow, how honnor is that?!
thanks for the feature!
this week release was soo good
i love that one of the ping pong too
congrats to all!
and thanks again