Sunday, September 9


Knuckle Down Death T-shirt by Change The Thought
Disestablishmentarian T-shirt by Change The Thought
Apathetic Revolution T-shirt by Change The Thought
I love emails with surprises. I got one from a label I'd never heard of called Changethethought, and the shirts looked sweet so I investigated to find out more. Turns out Changethethought is a triple treat extravaganza of a website, consisting of the Changethethought apparel store, a really good art/design blog and the jaw-dropping online portfolio of the man behind it all Christopher Cox (who also blogs for Design Is Kinky).

Surprise me


lo-rez said...

If you buy 2 shirts from a list of 4, they'll give 'em to you for $10 a piece. Shipping is $8 and change. I picked up a couple. Thanks for the link!

lo-rez said...

They're running a deal right now. $10 a shirt if you buy two shirts from a list of 4. Regular shipping was something like $8. I picked up a pair of shirts. Thanks for the link!