Thursday, August 30

Design By Humans

Robot Attack T-shirt from Design By Humans
Design By Humans is a new player in the tshirt competition game, and they have come out swinging. To get the ball rolling DBH held a $5000 kick-off competition, which was taken out by The Legion of Doom, with their design Robot Attack.

Design By Humans seems to have more full on, in your face arty shirts than it's most successful adversary Threadless. Relying less on the visual pun or hidden meanings and more on intense illustrations and specialist printing methods, DBH has managed to offer up a system that is similar enough to Threadless to work but different enough to succeed. Bold, beautiful, interactive and affordable is surely a winning formula. Check it out.


Andy said...

Some lovely stuff on there. However, they are charging $25.49 to ship one t-shirt to the UK! When compared to e.g. Threadless' $8, this is prohibitively expensive. I refuse to pay more for shipping than for the thing I'm buying! I understand they reacted to criticism about their domestic shipping charges and introduced a cheaper alternative, hopefully they will do the same with international delivery.

DBT said...

Wow - that totally sucks! I just bought two tshirts from threadless and i think it cost about $8.50 to get them sent to Australia. Design By Humans seems to be trying to out do Threadless on most other areas, hopefully they will fall in line on this one soon.