Monday, July 16

Zoo York

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Remember when everyone used to skateboard? Or at least almost everyone. When I was about 17 you couldn't walk down the street without someone whizzing past you on a board, and most of us never walked anywhere anyway. But for some reason people stopped. For me it was a combination of not having anyone to skate with when I moved and just getting old and sore. I still have a push every now and then - but I suck. Bad.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that skateboard companies had to undergo a bit of a metamorphisis to stay afloat when the sales of skateboarding paraphernalia started to decline. Many made the subtle progression from skate-lords to fully fledged streetwear brands, and one of the most successful at this transformation was Zoo York. Their stuff is cool and always has been. And they are still a skate brand at core, but have a range as big as any brand that has their roots in streetwear.

I haven't bought any of their merch for a while so I was pleasantly surprised when I visited their site and realised they were still pushing out incredible stuff. I did buy a Zoo York shirt back in early 2003 and it's still in good condition - and I wear it a lot. Hopefully the quality is still that good. If only all t-shirts had that kind of longevitity - I'd have thousands. But I would need a bigger room and a new wardrobe...