Monday, July 30


t-shirts from LaFraise
Is it possible to write about an online design contest without making comparisons to Threadless? Well, yes. Of course it is. But I'm not about to start doing anything crazy now.

Although LaFraise is somewhat similar to Threadless, the shirts available on the European design contest site have a certain aesthtic that differs from their American counterparts. Like Threadless, LaFraise can be a bit hit and miss, but when they hit the mark the results are fantastic shirts with incredible illustrations. The above is just a small selection of some of my favourites.

Unfortunately LaFraise doesn't ship outside of Europe, which I think is crazy. But if you are in Europe and you're in the hunt for a new t-shirt, LaFraise is definitely worth checking out.


Lâm said...

laFraise will be shipping in the US very soon :)