Thursday, July 26

GAMA-GO Goodies

Giant Squid Hoody by GAMA-GO
Deathbot Dark Rainbow Track Jacket by GAMA-GO
GAMA Owl Track Jacket by GAMA-GO
It's cold down here in the southern hemisphere at the moment. And if you're on the other side of the world enjoying (or enduring) the warmth, you'll get cold soon enough. So why not be prepared for any cold shiver that may inevitably head your way with some stylish limited edition tracksuits and hoodies from GAMA-GO. They feature beautiful printing and embroidery - click the pics above for close ups.

These winter warmers are strictly limited and available for pre-sale now - so if you want one don't dawdle.

And if you're enjoying the art on the GAMA-GO site have a look at Tim Biskup's site here. Good stuff.