Wednesday, November 21

Threadless $10 Holiday Sale!!

Threadless $10 Sale Shirts
Heck yeah! All tees at Threadless are on sale for only $10 - and they're on sale until December 16!

There is a massive amount of new shirts to choose from and - if that's not enough - there are 3 reprints this week including Summer Wind by Joachim Baan - which I once saw poorly ripped off on a shop-a-docket ad for a hair salon...

Buy them for your friends or just buy them for yourself. Go, do it.


MJ said...

I've heard that the girl in Summer Wind is clip-art, so that rip-off might have actually been legal. (Probably still ugly, though.)

DBT said...

actually it was the best shop-a-docket I'd ever seen, so I was maddened even more by it's unoriginality. clip art would make sense though :)