Saturday, November 17

Gorilla Riot

T-shirts from Gorilla Riot
I'm not sure what a Gorilla Riot would be like, but in my head I imagine an awesome meeting of Gorilla-esque masculine rage and uni-student-esque passion as the enraged beasts protest violently over the destruction of their native habitats whilst harrasing business men, burning shops and tossing over hotdog stalls.

But that's just me...

I've been following the progress of the Gorilla Riot site since they announced their first Beta version on quite some time ago. It's great to see a company who has a put as much time and effort into producing a great site as they have with their tshirt range. Testing and constant refinements means that the finished Gorilla Riot site provides an excellent shopping experience - enabling the salivating tshirt enthusiast to easily navigate between the label's 6 different launch collections. Sure, it's awfully annoying that you have to click on each thumbnail before you can see what colours each shirt comes in (no they don't all come in white!) but the site loads quickly, and getting a bigger look at the tasty illustrations (and models) makes it bearable.

With artwork from the likes of Digital Three, Bagger43, Eyekaps, LambShank (Kyle from D3 and IMario), and Matt Morris (aka Cool Vader), this is one riot that even the most ardent pacifist may want to check out.


eyekaps said...

eyekaps suggests making a bold statement this season and putting on the cotton candy bubble gum flavored pink elephant Ganesh t-shirt. Goes well with dark jeans, tastes great with white frosted cupcakes.