Tuesday, October 23

New Threadless

Starmen in Moon's Milk T-shirt from Threadless
Hello Dave T-shirt from Threadless
Where the Watermelons Grow T-shirt from Threadless
New World Order T-shirt from Threadless
Contrary to my little rant last week, I actually think Threadless have released some pretty cool shirts this week. Top of the list for me though is a reprint, Star Men in Moon's Milk (top) by the irrepresibly creative Christopher Buchholz. Star Men is one of my favourite Threadless shirts of all time, and I didn't buy it first time round so I'm stoked it's been re-released.

New shirts include Hello Dave by Robert Gould, Where The Watermelons Grow by Brian Walline and New World Order by Tony Aguero.

Of course there are more to view on the website. Check em out here and use the coupon code rubberdanpants at the checkout to get $3 off.