Monday, October 15

Green Tees

The environment - it's a big issue at the moment, and, well, let's be honest, if you aren't recycling, reducing, reusing or off-setting something it's about time you pulled your head in and your finger out before you wake up one warm winters day choking on a cloud of smoke with a pile of rubbish outside your window.

Anyway, today is Blog Action Day and this years theme is the environment. If you want to learn a bit more about the environment and how to save it I'd recommend looking at one of the other 15 squillion blogs that are participating, as I don't want to get too preachy, and I'm sure that others have much more wisdom to share.

My advice however is to not underestimate the difference you can make. One of the best ways to contribute to any cause is to raise awareness - if you can get 5 people to change their attitudes, actions or contribute in some way, you've done a great job, and hopefully they in turn will pass it on to 25 people and so on.

Here are some sweet shirts that I've found that look great, tell people you have an enviromental conscience, and can help trigger interest and spark conversation.

Last tree t-shirt
Ok, so this particular shirt is out of stock, but Tobi has a great range of eco-friendly labels so you can revel in consumerist conservation.

Say no to GMO t-shirt
Ban t-shirts have a range of shirts with environment-themed designs including this anti GMO one, that comes printed on an organic shirt. Delicious.

WWF World Wildlife Fund t-shirt
The perennial classic and perhaps one of the best logos of all time (different versions available in different countries - this one comes from Canada and is made of organic cotton).