Friday, September 14

TEE TEST: Filthy Panda

Pure Filth T-shirt by Filthy Panda
Pure Filth T-shirt by Filthy Panda
Pure Filth T-shirt by Filthy Panda

Filthy Panda is a small, mysterious Australian label that was started by the enigmatic Billmund. They have a range of shirts on offer at their store, that mix bright colours with strong imagery that is influenced (not so subtley) by popular 20th century cartoonery. The result is a wonderful, unique style that is instantly recognisable and gives a dirty, electro vibe (dirty, electro vibe??... Who am I?) despite it's older influences.

The shirt they sent me for review is entitled Pure Filth and, as you can see, they aren't pulling any punches.

The illustration work is fantastic and very true to the Disney style (perhaps this is what Mickey would've looked like if Fantasia was made in 2005 and had a dirty house soundtrack) and the colouring is sensational.

The American Apparel shirt ensures that the quality is top notch, and in my opinion these are one of the best fitting shirts on the market.

It's hard to find something bad to say about this shirt - design-wise it's awesome and the garment quality is great. The only downside would be that you'd have to wear this tshirt selectively (definitely not in front of your Nan) unless you're a complete prick and don't care what people think. Sure some people will hate the dance music references and mild profanity, but I'm not a huge fan of either (well dance music is good) and I love it. Grab one now before they get too popular and Disney sues.

Filthy Panda will also be attending Shirty 07 this Saturday - say hi from me!

RRP: $39.00 (Australian)

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Jacob Sikais said...

This has to be my favourite t-shirt that I have come across yet... I went to buy one but it looks like the price has gone up... am I doing something wrong as it looks like the t-shirts are coming from the US but are an OZZIE brand... I'd love to get my hands on one before I head to LA next week!!!!! Any help?

DBT said...

They sell through which has offices in australia, the states and the uk. i'm not sure where they ship from but i'm pretty sure it should be australia if you are in australia.