Friday, August 31

Threadless $10 Sale

The Unseen/Unheard t-shirt by Ed Pincombe
Everybody Loves A Yeti t-shirt by Scott Bartlett
The Communist Party t-shirt by Tom Burns
I never buy towels until they go on sale. Why pay full price for towels, right? Threadless on the other hand often requires some speedy purchasing because the good shirts tend to sell out really quickly. But, $10 sale time is here, so head over and see if there is anything left that you like. 14 new shirts out this week (over acheivers) with my pick of the bunch being The Unseen/Unheard by Ed Pincombe (top) and Everybody Loves A Yeti by Scott Bartlett (middle). If 14 shirts isn't enough, there's also a bunch of reprints available too. Buy heaps and you won't have to go shopping for a year - until the towels go on sale that is.

Sale ends September 3


Andy said...

I bought two. You have to get in quick, all the good ones sell out fast. The tetris-playing leaf-cutter ants tee came out monday, was sold out in my size tuesday. :(

DBT said...

The Communist Party was a reprint and the mens medium sold out in a day also. In fact there was probably only about 10 shirts available in mens medium by Sunday... i'm not sure why they don't print more mediums - they always sell out first. Nice to be so successful though...

Anonymous said...

i love this shirt. frankly, i love anything Castro-related. has a cool castro shirt that i picked up.