Tuesday, August 28

Sir Freelancelot

Sir Freelancelot t-shirt by the Chop Shop
Sir Freelancelot t-shirt by the Chop Shop

It's late. About 1.30 am. I should be sleeping. My body is tired but I have had coffee so now I have that weird combination of absolute lethargy and annoying buzziness, neither tired or awake, hanging in the limbo of sleepland. Why? Because I am a freelancer. Freelancing by nature forces you to work when you can, and the more you work the more you get paid. Inevitably this leads to more and more working - which leads to more late nights, canceling on plans with friends and eating meals that take 3 minutes to cook in a microwave.

Does that sound like you? Well then this new shirt from the Chop Shop is for you. Sir Freelancelot rides high on steed in front of a foil-print shimmery sun.

At least being a freelancer means you get to sleep in sometimes.