Saturday, August 11

New B/D

Skate or Die t-shirt by Sentimental Soy Cheese
Melting Hearts t-shirt by Josh Clancy, aka ToothJuice
Bulbous Wing t-shirt by Evgeny Kiselev
Mushroom Cloud t-shirt by Matt Yerman
Barf 3D t-shirt by James Callahan

Ok straight up, 5 - yes 5 - brand new tshirts from Beautiful/Decay have just been released. Personally, I don't think I could actually wear some of these myself, but I am a massive fan of the awesome artwork. But if you are the kind of person who is into full shirt prints in bright colours with some fine illustrations by leading artists Sentimental Soy Cheese, Tooth Juice, Evgeny Kiseley, Matt Yerman, and James Callahan, well, um... you better click here.