Thursday, August 23

Concrete Hermit - better than lotteries

Teenage Rock Monster t-shirt by Will Ainley
Pow Pow t-shirt by JuJu's delivery
Spam, ain't it wonderful... I reckon I'd get on average about 10 emails a day saying that I have the EU lottery, the UK sweepstakes or the Portugese chicken raffle. Do people actually fall for this? Unfortunately yes, and the sad part is that they are probably the people who have to work the hardest to get the money that these jerks are going to steal off of them. If only I got one email telling me I'd won a Concrete Hermit prize pack I might actually open it - just to make sure. Because seriously, their stuff is awesome (and I'm not just saying that because they are a sponsor - have a look for yourself!)

The good kids over at CH have just released 4 new shirts, one of their own and three to add to the artist series, delightfully decorated by Will Ainley, JuJu's Delivery and Dan Has Potential.

Now excuse me while I go claim my lottery winnings so I can purchase a remedy for my prostate problems and pick up a cheap copy of Adobe CS3.